'natural with baby - tasteful and elegant images'

We were so fortunate to find Noorulain to take photographs of our baby daughter. The photo shoot took place at our home, which was particularly important for me as I was recovering from a c-section. This wasn’t an easy photo shoot as our daughter was 5.5 weeks old at the time and already excited with what was going on and wanted to stay awake all the time. Noorulain appeared kind, professional but first and foremost so natural with a little baby. When we received the pictures, we absolutely loved them as did our family and friends. The pictures are beautiful, tasteful and elegant. I am sure they will be a wonderful memento for our daughter and us of those very special early moments of life. Thank you so much Noorulain for your fantastic job!  - Kinga Kazmierczyk

'Gentle and Caring - Captured the bond'

Noorulain took beautiful photos of our one month old baby boy. She also captured the bond between our 6 year old son with his baby brother. We were all made to feel completely relaxed and at ease. She gave sufficient time for the shoot and accommodated the breaks. She handled the baby gently and took care of his burping, sleeping in an amazing way better than us parents. My elder son is not usually a fan of photo shoots but Noorulain made it interesting enough for him. She considered our feedback and gave us the final edits of our photos. Noorulain, you made our perfect family moments permanent for us.  - Tajesree Poorna

'Patient and Gentle - amazing Photos'

We were so lucky and fortunate to have Noorulain for our newborn photo shoot. She showed up on time and had everything required for the shoot. What impressed me the most was her gentle nature and her patience. The star of the shoot was not cooperating very well that day but Noorulain was a huge help in soothing baby and helping us get her back to sleep. We also have a 4 year old and it was amazing to see the interaction between her and Noorulain. I would use her all over again simply because of her personality and her gentleness towards my family. Our photos was delivered on time and when I saw them I was truly amazed. They were beyond amazing. I couldn’t pick just one as a favourite. Overall I was very satisfied with our shoot and our photos. Noorulain is the perfect type of photographer you need for such a photo shoot, patient, kind, helpful and very talented.  - Melanie Tika

'Endlessly patient - photographs you can be proud of'

Thank you for the amazing baby shoot. You were endlessly patient with my uncooperative 3 week old! You were very delicate and caring. You created a space that was comforting to my baby, even trying to soothe her. The atmosphere was relaxing and the pace was determined by the baby. You didn't rush through and try to force anything. She cried intermittently but you were extremely compassionate and patient. The photos were lovely and we have images we’re happy to share. We highly recommend your service and expertise if you want to be certain of having photographs you can be proud of. Her passion shines through in her photos and also in the care of the baby. Thank you for my treasured memories.  - Kiki Murphy

2018_05 untitled shoot00013.jpg

'Baby Whisperer - patient - persistent'

Noorulain did a newborn shoot for my son and I was very impressed by not only the pictures but the photo shoot experience itself! She arrived at our house promptly with all her props and different outfits for him and went straight to work. We couldn’t believe how amazing she was with him, she’s truly a baby whisperer! She was able to calm him down and get him to sleep in minutes so she could get some cute sleeping poses!  Even though my son pooped and peed a few times all over the set, she was calm and quickly helped clean him up and kept going on as if nothing had happened! I had a few props of my own for some pictures and she was able to incorporate those and take some really nice pictures with them as well! Moreover, I really wanted some shots of my daughter and son together but my daughter is only a year old so it was very difficult to get her to sit still. However, Noorulain was patient and had different tricks to get her to cooperate. I was about to give up, but she persisted until we got the perfect shot! The sibling pictures ended up coming out beautiful and I’m so happy she was able to capture the two of them together, despite how hard it was to get my daughter to cooperate.  Overall, we had a great experience with Noorulain and we loved how our pictures came out! I have and will continue to recommend her to all my friends who are expecting and/or have newborns! - Fatim Jaffer


'Array of Props - Accommodating - Patient'

We just completed a newborn photo shoot with Noorulain and had a great experience. Noorulain came home with an array of props. She was professional, patient and very accommodating. We loved the pictures she took and will treasure them for years to come. - Ruqayya Remtulla

‘Great Experience - Amazing Pictures’


We just finished newborn photos and the experience was great. I received the final pictures, all pictures look amazing. In fact, we’re very pleased with it that we decided to do family portrait with her soon. Thanks Noor!


‘Friendly, Enthusiastic - Efficient, Patient’

Thank you NP photography for coming into our home and creating a home studio environment to capture photos of our children. My husband and I had a pleasant experience with Noorulain, she was friendly, enthusiastic and had a great attitude. Noorulain was able to capture precious lifetime photographs and came well prepared with several props and outfits for my newborn. We are so happy with how the pictures turned out. NP Photography was so efficient, patient and amazing in dealing with small children and infants. We truly enjoyed our experience and are so grateful to have such beautiful pictures of our newborn and our two other children. If you are looking to capture those important newborn moments, I would definitely recommend NP photography. - Andrea D

‘Patient, Gentle - Impressed with the final results’


We recently had a newborn photo shoot with Noorulain. I appreciated how patient and gentle she was with our son and how she took her time to get the best pictures of him. Very impressed with the final results, especially with the family pictures. Thanks Noorulain! - Salma Chagani