Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer?

I am a newborn, baby and family photographer based in Vaughan and servicing the Greater Toronto Area and I would like to give you a few insights as to why you should hire a newborn photographer. Nowadays parents can easily take photographs using their mobile devices or DSLR cameras to capture those lovely images of their newborn, but there are many reasons why choosing a professional newborn photographer can be the best decision you make.  I will list just a few reasons why you should hire a professional newborn photographer:


Newborn Safety

A professional newborn photographer will always ensure that newborns are safely handled. They have studied the aspects of how to safely handle newborns and will always take cues from the baby because not every baby is able to do all the poses you find online. Gentleness, patience and being careful when handling newborns are just some of the skills that we at NP Photography have up our sleeve. Safety of your newborn is critical; every parent needs to make sure their child is in safe hands. 

Educated and skillful

Newborn photographers are skilled and knowledgeable in the areas of handling your baby and are also very competent with their camera.  They have educated themselves on how to shoot newborns, how to create those gorgeous images that parents will cherish forever and how to effectively use various props to make your newborn stand out. We at NP Photography use various lenses and composition elements to capture all those delicate details that disappear so quickly.

Family capture time

By choosing a newborn photographer it allows the whole family to be included in the photo shoot.  I am sure that you have many photos of either you and the baby or dad and the baby but what you miss out on is the family togetherness.  We at NP Photography strongly believe you should have at least a few family photos because when your baby grows up, they will be able to see how lovingly you interacted with them. 

newborns change so quickly

Newborns are only newborns for a short while and it is so important that you capture the essence of when they were this tiny and fresh out of the womb.  It is amazing how much change takes place in the first year. Having had three children of my own, I am aware of how quickly they grow up and it is lovely to look through the images of them being newborns.  These photographs are heirlooms that are passed down.

To book your newborn photography session with NP Photography, please email me at info@npphotography.ca or alternatively call me on 905 605 3880. Book your session early whilst you are pregnant to avoid disappointments. Newborns are best photographed under 15 days old as that is when they are at their sleepiest and are most flexible which allows us to capture those gorgeous poses!