Newborn Photography

The best time to capture newborn images are in the first two weeks of your child’s life as they are still very flexible and can easily curl up into those adorable poses. 

A newborn session can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours as all cues are taken from your baby.  Your baby will dictate how long the session lasts, and expect there to be lots of natural breaks to meet your newborn’s needs such as feeding, settling and cuddling time. 

The photo shoot session will take place in your house, allowing you to be in an environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable.  NP photography will bring all props and equipment to your place. This will include space heaters, wraps, blankets, baskets and accessories.  In addition, if you have an heirloom that you would like to include then we will do our best to incorporate it into the shoot. 

It is advisable to book your newborn session in the first or second trimester of your pregnancy to avoid any disappointments. Once the baby has arrived call us and if need be, we will reschedule the appointment. If you have not booked in advance – not to worry, please contact us and if we can, we will try to squeeze you in!  We offer 3 packages for you to choose from– for more details click here.